Strategies for finding the cheapest home insurance premiums

Home insurance policies are essential to protect homeowners from potentially crippling financial losses if/when there’s an unforeseen accident that affects their building. 

This protection is very essential, that’s the reason many property owners are reluctant to obtain more affordable policy as they fear that they may lose out on important coverages. 

Being in possession of total protection for your residence is always a great decision. Digging deeper will help you discover that possessing all the insurance protection for your home is possible, while you’ll still pay a lesser amount than you would. In this article, we will detail some strategies just for that.  

Purchasing insurance for where you live in always a great decision since it provides you suitable financial coverage in the incident of robbery, storm (with the notable exception of floods), damage, theft earthquake or other types of events.  

Purchasing home insurance can always be a great decision since it provides you suitable financial coverage in the incident of robbery, storm (with the notable exception of floods), damage, theft, earthquake or other types of events.

Still, many people do not even think of these policies as an essential purchase and do not buy one, because they think by so doing they can set aside a few bucks. Particularly if they own their building outright and/or the lending bank does not require them to buy insurance for the building.  

Getting your living residence insured gives loads and loads of benefits. And when it comes to your insurance payables or deductibles, there are a number of things your insurers look at before deciding what you’d pay. They include where your property is situated, build an how old it is. 

If you’re looking to slash your insurances contributions, then below are few ideas for that.

Look Around

Like most things in life, it’s of utmost expediency that you contrast and compare services. prices and others. So go around see what a few companies are offering before settling for one.  

There are many online tools and websites that would aid you in obtaining how much you’d have to pay from various insurance brokers.  You should be looking at getting this sort of information from at least 3 different companies, this will give you an idea of the average amount these companies charge, or at least the market value of these offers that you seek. We recommend using a tool like the one available at TheSimpleDollar to help you in deciding. 

Put Your Insurable Together 

The entire global insurance industry is one that is based on pooling and distributing risk. The belief is that if you have many individual risks packaged together, the risk of all of them going bad at the same time is very low.

The same principle applies to risk at the individual policyholder level, and insurance providers understand this and are willing to give discounts to package buyers. 

The way to go about this is to ensure you are using the same provider for your life, auto, home, and commercial insurance if you have that too. The insurance companies know that it is unlikely you will file a claim from all your policies simultaneously, and they generally like to cover all your insurance needs.

Pay Larger Deductibles 

You can opt to pay for the greater deductible in order to reduce your monthly premiums, in exchange for paying a larger portion of the loss at claim time.

This will not only assist you to obtain good coverage at an equivalent cost but also allow you to obtain good rebates while filing your taxes. The standard deductible on most home insurance policies is 2.5% of the insured property value.

Do not over-insure unnecessarily

A lot of homeowners try to obtain total coverage for everything in the house and will frequently overvalue the amount that building will go for in the market. However, one should only insure the essentials not just everything. You’d be getting coverage to the tune of what it would take to reconstruct your building from scratch. 

Make Your House Safer 

You are trying to get discounts for coverage agreement for your residential house, right, then you have to look for ways to reduce the likeliness that your house will be burgled or destroyed in a disaster. So alarms, extinguishers, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras and the likes. If you live in areas susceptible to acts of God, then it even becomes more important, otherwise, insurance might faulty your claims.

Check your Financial History

Insurance brokers will always take a look at your financial records during their underwriting. These companies let you pay your instalments every month, but then they’ll offer to give you a full years worth of protection. They have to look for ways to reduce their own risks too. So if you have a poor financial history such as debts or a poor credit rating, it might mean higher monthly payments. To mitigate this, that’s if you already have a bad rating, you can offer to pay in full, if it will give you a discount and if you can afford it.

Things you should know before purchasing a home insurance policy

The reason why we purchase an insurance policy is to have our homes and property protected, it’s to have something to fall back on, in the event of and untoward occurrence, this could be a fire or an act of God. The premium paid will be what one can fall back on if thee bad things happen. Many homeowners purchase coverage for their property; however, a lot do not yet realize the extent to which their policies cover them. To get the best out of this investment, find out those factors that could impact the policies that you purchase for your house. 

  • Before making that decision to buy from a certain company, make sure you are aware of what is covered and what is not. Is your pool covered, how about your tool shed and the likes. In calculating the premium you’d be paying these companies usually takes stock of the insurable, now if you do some kind of remodelling to your home, or attach some extra structures to it. 
  • If you’d be interested in mortgaging your house, you’d also be required to buy protection for your home. As per protection against acts of God or natural disasters, policies on handling this varies from companies to companies. Most companies don’t support all types.
  • Seek Insurance estimates from prospective insurers prior to purchasing policy,
  • As we mentioned previously in the article, we believe that comparing and contrasting prices online is a great way to decide on what policies to have. you don’t need to do much nowadays to get an estimate, all you need do is just take advantage of them. 


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